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Unreported Knowledge Of Child Sexual Abuse Needs To Be A Felony

Jun. 30th 2012

I can’t read another article about an adult who knew a child was being sexually abused and failed to tell anyone. That is not OK. Period. There are no exceptions. Children being sexually abused suffer from a paralyzing and silencing fear that nobody will believe them. Adults who know about the abuse, yet say nothing, should be charged with a felony. And there should be zero tolerance when it comes to these people. Honestly, life in prison is not an extreme enough sentence.

As if the Sandusky scandal wasn’t enough to make people want to vomit and beat the crap out of that puke, today emails were released that allege four powerful adults knew that Sandusky was raping boys. Penn State University President Graham Spanier, Athletic Director Tim Curley, retired Vice President Gary Schultz, and even beloved coach Joe Paterno all knew about Sandusky’s sick sexual obsession with underage boys. Yet none of them reported it to authorities or did a single thing to ensure the abuse stopped. They went on their merry delusional way, every day, while an endless list of boys were forcibly sodomized by a serial pedophile. How can that not be a crime?

As a Bostonian, I can’t help but think Cardinal Bernard Law who turned a blind eye to the knowledge that thousands — yes thousands — of children were being sexually abused by Catholic priests. Documents were released that suggest Law covered up the sexual abuse and reassigned priests to new parishes once word leaked. Instead of reporting the abuse to authorities, Cardinal Law thought the best thing to do was to send a pedophile priest to a new location where he would have a fresh list of children to abuse. Seriously?! Why is Cardinal Law not in jail? Even more disturbing is that Law, the child sexual abuse enabler, is still a prominent figure in the Vatican and recently was behind the crackdown on US nuns (yet another attempt to silence a voice that needs to be heard).

Enough is enough. Knowledge of a child being sexually abused and not reporting it needs to be a felony. Simply put, unreported knowledge enables sexual abuse. And if someone is enabling sexual abuse, they need to be held accountable to the same crimes as the abusers themselves.

Who do else do you think should be in jail?

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