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Archive for March, 2012

Planet Pinterest

Mar. 29th 2012

Pinterest’s meteoric ride continues to leave people’s heads spinning. In January of this year, it became the fastest site in the history of the internet to top 10 million unique visitors. That same month, it drove more referral traffic to retailers than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn. Yowzer. And for anyone using Pinterest, you will know it is crack from the moment you pin your first pin.

The question everyone is asking is What the hell is driving this mania? Some people say it’s the way Pinterest allows you to save, sort and manage pins (aka photos) through themed pinboards. I think that’s like saying the reason people drink wine is because they get to drink it in a fancy stemmed glass. It’s not the glass, it’s the wine and how it makes you feel. And with Pinterest, it’s not the technology, it’s the photos and how they make you feel.

So if it’s the photos, why haven’t other photo sharing websites seen similar astronomical growth? Flickr, Shutterfly, Snapfish and PhotoBucket have been around for many years and none have ever hit the staggering numbers that Pinterest has hit in such a very short time. I would argue it’s the difference between shitty photos and captivating, visually stunning photos that bring the user to a place they have never been.

If I upload photos of my Cape Cod vacation on Flickr, there is nothing stunning or captivating about them. Maybe through some divine intervention that I had nothing to do with, I get one great shot. The problem is that one great shot is probably a needle in a haystack of 100+ other shitty shots. Nobody wants to wade through that visual shitshow except maybe my immedite family who are driven by some obligatory motivation.

Pinterest is a totally different experience than something like Flickr. The documentary Planet Earth leveraged high-def film to bring common nature — jungles, deserts, fresh water, oceans, great plains, caves, etc. — to a whole new dimension of visual experience. I believe “Planet Pinterest” is doing the same thing to common aspects of life — clothes, cars, people, food, animals, flowers, etc — via high def-like photography that leaves you feeling inspired. And through that inspiration, we are motivated to repin on our boards as a means to amplify what turns us on and at times takes our breath away.

Pinterest has brought captivating, visually stunning photography to the masses and we can’t get enough of it. What do you love about Pinterest?

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