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Social Media’s Outcast Brands

Sep. 30th 2011

I am a social media junkie. As my bio states, “I smoke Google Analytics in a crack pipe to get my day going.” Right after that, I eat a bowl of social media corn flakes and wash it down with social media Kool-Aid. I have often said that all brands should be leveraging social media. What I never really thought about was that some brands are probably social media outcasts because consumers would never want to have any public association with the brand. And for these brands, social media is bound to be an uphill battle.

This epiphany was triggered when I was listening to Howard Stern. Mangroomer was running radio spots on the Stern Show telling people to go “Like” their Facebook page to be entered into a contest. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Mangroomer, they are the folks who help men get rid of unwanted hair from their back, balls, nose and ears. (I just threw up in my mouth). My visceral reaction to the ad was, “Who would publicly want anyone to know they have a rug on their back and balls?” (Oops, just threw up again). Well apparently, the answer is guys who have a sense of humor. Although there isn’t a lot of engagement on the Facebook page, the men who did post often left funny comments. As an example:

“i use the mangroomer every friday before i hit the town! the mangroomer does leave my back a little scratched up for a few hours after, (i have very sensitive skin) i end up going home with a girl and she sees the scratches and thought i had been with another girl the night before!!! she was not pleased! i explained to her my friday ritual and she laughed and we continued!”

Mangroomer’s Facebook page only has 761 likes. I would imagine the brand would have hoped for more given they spent money on radio spots to promote the page. I think Mangroomer may be on the social media outcast list.

Mangroomer got me thinking about what other brands would probably be considered a social media outcast. Here are the first two that came to mind:

Vagisil: I’m not sure I would be comfortable sending a tweet to @vagisil that said something like:

@vagisil you guys rock. every time i get that cheesy discharge, vagisil clears it up quickly. #byebyfirecrotch

Interestingly enough, I found that the @vagisil Twitter handle is not owned by Vagisil and is being used to send out funny tweets about vaginas. As an example, a recent post was:

“Smell something funky? well yeah its ur VAGINA< come holla and get some cream to stop the itching before you scream!”

Vagisil has a Facebook page with 4,671 likes. The problem is that it’s in Spanish so I can’t tell if it’s real. Many of the comments are from men. Perhaps they are expressing their eternal gratitude for Vagisil’s help in taking care of the stanky issue their wife/girlfriend had been dealing with. What man wouldn’t worship that alter?

Viagra: It looks like Viagra is another social media outcast. I can’t say I’m surprised. I think you would have to search long and hard (no pun intended) to find a guy who would want to express his love for Viagra across his social media channels. Can you imagine the tweet:

@viagra Thank you for helping me be a man again. And for reminding me that bathtubs outside can be fun. #getitup

Or maybe Viagra, like many brands, could use its Twitter handle as a medium for fielding customer service issues:

@hornypete Thanks for letting us know you have had a hard on for 26 hours. We suggest you call 911. Thanks again for your brand loyalty.

I don’t think you need to be a branding savant to recognize that the Viagra Facebook page is probably not real given the profile picture they use.

Vagisil and Viagra were the first brands to pop in my mind as social media outcasts. What other brands would you put on the list?


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