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Tell Washington To Stop Dicking With Our Future? There’s An App For That.

Jul. 29th 2011

Just when you thought there could be nothing as powerful as Ann Coulter’s ability to pray away gay, a new web app allows you to call your congressional rep and Senator with one click and no phone. Check it out at

When I entered in my home address, I was given one click access to call John Kerry, Scott Brown and James McGovern. I decided to call Scott Brown because in addition to letting him know I really didn’t think that it was a good time for America to go into default, I had a bone to pick with him about being the only one from the Mass congressional delegation to not appear in the anti-bullying “It Gets Better” video — but I am saving the latter discussion on another call. My message to Senator Brown’s office on today’s call– “If it doesn’t help the poor, the needy or small businesses, cut it now. And raise my taxes if it will help.”

Call For The Dream was clearly developed by peeps who lean left, but I encourage everyone — left, right, center, rich, poor, straight, gay, or whatever — to call and have your voice heard. Oh and if you’re gay, give Ann Coulter a call right afterward, she can help you straighten out even if you are a male who sings show tunes while wearing a pink feathered boa and high heels. And, if you are really, really super gay, it might be worth an extra call to Michelle Bachmann’s husband’s gay therapy clinic. I hear he is “wicked smaht.” He can make gay go away no matter how gay you are. I heard he was able to take a lesbian who used to wear a sports bra, gym shorts and a knee brace as a bathing suit into a feminine girly-girl who now goes to the beach in a pink bikini, with pink lipstick and long flowing hair with a pink ribbon in it. I mean this guy is amazing!

But seriously, I love my country like Bob Marley loved the gange. And I love my children more than life itself. Their future and happiness are at risk. We are out of runway with the debt ceiling. Nobody wants to suffer the catastrophic consequences of no resolution by the August 2nd deadline. Please call today.

What’s your message to Washington?

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