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Royally Happy

Apr. 29th 2011

I got up at 3:45 AM EST to watch the Royal Wedding. And, clearly I wasn’t alone. Early estimates project that 3 billion people watched this epic event. Why? Only 750 million people watched Princess Di and Prince Charles get hitched. It’s hard to get four people to agree on what kind of pizza to order without there being some type of negotiation — yet, billions of people around the world adjusted their schedules to be sure they were in front of a TV the moment the wedding broadcast began. I’m guessing of the 3 billion who watched, 2,999,000 never met the bride or groom. Imagine if one of your friends scheduled their wedding at a time when you had to get up at 3:45 in the morning. I think most of us would be royally pissed and bitch about how insensitive the couple were being. But when a couple that most of us 3 billion commoners never actually met schedules their wedding at a time that is inconvenient to everyone outside of their time zone, they are still able to move the masses around the world in a way that is unprecedented. Again, I ask why?

I think that happiness was the driving force. The whole event made me happy. I smiled, laughed and applauded throughout the morning. Even when I cried over the mention of Princess Diana, I was happy. I was happy for the Brits and the joy that radiated from the flag-waving crowds. I was happy because those flags remind me of Austin Powers — yeah, baby, yeah! I was happy to see all the different hats even though I would rather have my lungs filled with asbestos over having to wear one. I was happy that Prince William found someone as amazingly kind-hearted as his Mom. I was happy for Kate because for as much as nothing in life is perfect, her day certainly appeared to be. I was happy that the moment she stepped out of the Bentley in front of Westminster Abbey the sun broke through the clouds. I was happy that Harry’s hair was a tousled mess because it was so fitting of his party-boy personality. I was happy the Queen even looked happy in spite of rarely expressing any emotion that doesn’t resemble constipation. I was happy to see the flower girls and paige boys moving around like little royal mini-me’s. I was happy that Victoria Beckham looked irritated that she had to wait in a non-VIP line. I was happy in knowing that no heterosexual marriages would disintegrate even though Elton John brought his husband to this colossal event.

So if simple happiness drove a mass of three billion people to take action, why doesn’t the pursuit of happiness prevail in other situations? Peace brings so much more happiness than war, yet it remains elusive. Love brings so much more happiness than hate, yet bigotry exists across the world. Kindness brings so much more happiness than cruelty, yet bullying is an epidemic. And, the list goes on and on.

Did you watch the Royal Wedding? If so, what was your motivation?

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