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I’m Brown. Are You?

Feb. 23rd 2011

This post is not meant to be political. Anyone who reads this blog knows I am a Democrat. Not a Nancy Pelosi-power-hungry-shove-my-personal-agenda-down-your-throat Democrat, but a Ted Kennedy-let’s-build-programs-that-support-those-in-need Democrat. Regardless, last week’s admission by Senator Scott Brown that he was sexually abused as a child greatly enhanced the respect I have for this iconic Republican figure. His admission of abuse took tremendous courage and he was able to elevate awareness around sexual abuse of children in a way that has yet to been done.

Child sexual abuse is an epidemic. As I’ve stated previously on this blog, I was sexually abused as a child by a really messed up uncle. Thankfully, I believe I am the resilient, stand-up-to-bullies and defend-the-underdog person I am today because of this sexual abuse and I would never go back and change my childhood. However, I do believe we, as a collective society, need to put a full throttle assault on child sexual abuse. And, I believe the only way to do this is through a well executed marketing campaign.

Breast cancer owns pink. Heart disease owns red. In light of Scott Brown’s recent disclosure, I think someone should launch a campaign called “I’m Brown.” The I’m Brown campaign would be a platform for people to come out and share that they too were a victim of childhood sexual abuse. I think unsurpassed strength, unity, dignity, and empowerment would come from not only the volume of people who stand up, but from the individual stories of those who stand up. As adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, we need to give a voice to the countless child victims who are unable to speak or be heard on their own.

The I’m Brown campaign is ideal for execution across all social media channels. The simple act of adding an I’m Brown iconic emblem to Twitter, Facebook, blogs and other social media profiles/platforms will ignite global awareness through its community of survivors and their social graph.

I think we should wear the I’m Brown statement like a badge of honor. There should be no shame. I’m Brown represents surviving an incomprehensible assault as a child. Let’s use a color that nobody thinks is appealing and take it back and own it. Let’s build a new identity and association for the color brown and take it to a place where it becomes synonymous with courage, survival and zero tolerance. Let’s let today’s kids know that adults who have identified with I’m Brown are a safe haven when it comes to disclosing they are being sexually abused. Let’s let kids know that I’m Brown adults will believe them and protect them. And most importantly, through the I’m Brown campaign, let’s put all sexual predators on alert that we as a society are going to circle the wagons around our children and defend them. Moreover, in honor of Scott Brown, I think we should propose and enact new legislation that is a “one strike you’re out” when it comes to sexually abusing children. If someone is convicted of sexually assaulting a child, they should be sentenced to life in prison. Period.

I’m Brown. Are you?

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