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Really…Really John (Edwards)…Really!?!

Jan. 21st 2010

Before you read on you REALLY want to view this link!

Back on August 9, 2008, I wrote a blog post entitled “Edwards Wins Gold For Mea Culpa.” The net/net of the post was about giving props to John Edwards for having the balls to not only admit his affair, but to explain why it happened. As I cited, previous political mea culpa’s have ranged from “I apologize…but I did nothing wrong,” as illustrated by Idaho Senator Larry Craig, to “I am deeply sorry I didn’t live up to what was expected of me,” as stated by former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, to the cowardly telephone admission of “…the fact is the honest answer is yes” by Newt Gingrich when asked about an affair. The one common denominator to every one of these political affair-related mea culpas is that none of these men had the decency, courage and/or awareness to take the next step and explain why it happened. Since Edwards did take that step, I felt he was deserving of a gold medal for his mea culpa.

Today, I am stripping him of his gold medal. When Edwards was interviewed by ABC News’ Bob Woodruff on August 8, 2008 he admitted having an affair with Rielle Hunter but denied being the father of her child. Really!?! Really John!?! Really!?! Dude, WTF were you thinking? Today, you joined the ranks of the cowards. You released a written statement (lame) that you are the baby’s father. Really!?! You had the opportunity 17+ months ago to air everything and put this scandal behind you and your family. But no, instead you pull a Tiger and deny, deny, deny. Really!?! Did you really think this wasn’t going to come out? Really!?! Had you not seen photos of little Quinn who is the spitting image of you in a bonnet? Really!?! Did you not think about your terminally ill wife and the implications of putting her through another scandal 17 months later? Really!?! Did you think putting your buddy Harrison Hickman on the Today Show this morning to take the bullet for you was the right thing to do? Really!?!

Why is it so hard for people to do the right thing and come clean in one fell swoop? We have all witnessed countless politicians, sports icons and celebrities fall victim to flaming a scandal by not disarming the media through full disclosure. Why do people think they will be the one exception and somehow manage to keep other dirty little secrets under the rug? It’s not like we haven’t seen this movie before. We know how it ends.

What do you REALLY think of John Edwards at this point?

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