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Chicken Little Had Emotional Issues

May 11, 2009 7:19 PM

Chicken Little was a hysterical, paranoid bird with some really effed up emotional issues. An acorn fell on her head and she ran around telling people “the sky is falling,” and as often happens with hysteria, others started to repeat the story. Swine flu anyone?

I feel like the same thing is going on in the tech sector. Seriously, I swear the proverbial Chicken Little now has a Twitter account and is tweeting up a storm over the mistaken belief that disaster is imminent in the tech sector. This bird sure has a lot of evidence to tweet about to prove her theory correct. Tech unemployment is soaring. Venture capital is tighter than a…’er well I’ll let you fill in the blank here. Tech startups are going under left, right and center. Even for many tech startups still alive, monetization remains as elusive as a fat-free, low cal, low carb food that doesn’t taste like ass.

I often think of tech waves in the context of wildfires. Wildfires usually occur in cycles just like technology. Certain regions become known for their wildfires just as Silicon Valley and the Bay Area have become known for their technology. And in spite of much chaos, wildfires serve a purpose as much next generation growth is dependent on them, just like in tech. How quickly we forget.

Remember the day when Wang Laboratories, Prime Computer and Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) ruled the tech landscape? With the demise of those companies came tons of job loss, financial collapse and uncertainty. However, the next wave of technology that emerged — the PC — spread like wildfire, positively impacting lives and creating great economic opportunity around the globe. How quickly we forget.

Remember the DotCom bubble (Web 1.0) when it popped? Tech startups went under in epidemic proportions, unemployment soared, and venture capital dried up. Sound familiar? But then came the post wildfire growth — Web 2.0. Soon Web 2.0 was its own wildfire with companies like Facebook burning up the tech horizon. Venture capital investment was flowing, job creation was abundant and user adoption had a hysteria of its own. Anyone else’s Dad on Facebook too? How quickly we forget.

Today we’re being hit by acorns. The future opportunities in tech are there, we just need to separate the healthy trees from the burning forest. Need help seeing through the smoke to find the next wave of tech? Keep an eye on TechCrunch to see which startups are successfully raising capital these days. You can bet your last buck any VC coughing up dough right now has done some pretty bad-ass due diligence. Last week’s announcement that FUHU, a startup that produces virtual avatars, secured $6.25 million certainly has some great insight regarding the future of tech. What I love most about TechCrunch is that it helps you keep your pulse on hot tech startups and it doesn’t cost a penny. Good times. Good times.

Looking for something more real world? Attend upcoming gig: What’s Next in Tech: Exploring the Growth Opportunities of 2009 and Beyond. It’s on June 25th in Boston. The $40 registration fee ensures it’s affordable to all. Direct round trip flights from San Francisco to Boston are only $250 and hotels are a steal these days. This bomb diggity night looks like it’s going to be jacked with entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and other techlebrities discussing the future of tech including sizzlin’ hot sectors like cloud computing, robotics and clean tech. Also, there are lots of stealth-mode startups on the speaker list — a great way to see where the tech puck is headed.

It’s your choice. You can run around jumping on Chicken Little’s bandwagon and hang with her mentally off-balance friends Henny Penny, Cocky Lockey and Goosey Loosey. Or you can bitch-slap that bird and look to the future of tech as an exciting wildfire waiting to be ignited.

What do you see as the future of tech?

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8 Comments on “Chicken Little Had Emotional Issues”

  1. Shane Says:

    TRUE THAT! The doom-n-gloom/Chicken Little-ites pop out of their holes ever year like Punxatawney Phil. And like him, they usually get all the headlines… and are dead wrong! Meanwhile the real news — the fresh growth, new turk visionaries– are relegated to below-the-fold fodder. Think warfare robotics is Star Wars B.S.? Tell that to iRobot. Biotech, genetic breakthroughs inch closer to major drug discoveries by the day. Nanotech is friggen HUGE, pun intended. Mobile apps are on your godforsaken gramma’s phone. Twitter may tweet out, but it wont go away.It’s called evolution. People have to choke the Chicken and beat a path through the weeds to see that the next Apple, Facebook and Google are there for the plucking and their leaders are in good company: Columbus, Coperincus, Galileo. All nuts who proved the naysayers wrong.

  2. Meagan Says:

    This is great, Kel. It seems to me that when those “wildfires” start (PC, Web 1.0, Web 2.0) VCs throw money at them because no one knows what is really going to stick, and everyone wants to make a buck. Once the fire dies out and the molds are caste, it’s time for “what’s next?” Not a symptom of money going away – just that the next phase is ready to begin!

    The essence of American industry is innovation…anyone that thinks THAT will ever
    “fall” is just plain foolish!

  3. Graham Says:

    I think one of the biggest ‘movements’ as Tim O’Reilly puts it is cloud computing. The idea that we all are adding and perpetuating this ‘movement’ to create an ultimate cloud that will be the platform for all of these other technologies based on the internet is really interesting stuff. I think the emergence of virtual worlds on the internet and video games will also help to bring along a day (not that too far away) when we will see AI (Artificial Intelligence). But that’s just my 2 cents :)

  4. Kel Says:

    shane, i always spit on my mac when i read your comments. you should be writing for a sitcom. “nanotech is friggin’ huge” should be a bumper sticker. all i can say is “true that” right back at you.

  5. Kel Says:

    sing it sista’ meagan! i am amazed at how quickly we forget. it’s never fun to be in the water getting sucked out as the wave starts to form, but once it starts to roll the surfing is a blast. yea, we get chucked in the water every once in awhile, but the ride is worth it. thanks for your comment!

  6. Kel Says:

    graham, i heart cloud computing. haha! seriously, i’m excited about it as a lover of technology, but also as a ceo who is jacked about the possibilities it can bring to my business. on the virtual world front, i have a client who is bringing it to a very young demographic. way cool. i love tech!

  7. chicken coop Says:

    Hi, i enjoyed reading your post – you got a good blogg going here.

  8. Kel Says:

    thanks chicken coop!

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