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I'm a social media junkie and smoke Google Analytics in a crack pipe to get my day going. I hope my immersed insight and offbeat view make you laugh. More importantly, I hope you take a second and share your thoughts by posting a comment. If you have any ideas on how to make my blog better, shoot an email to [email protected].

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Losing My Virginity On Video

February 6, 2009 2:08 PM

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30 Comments on “Losing My Virginity On Video”

  1. Meagan Says:

    You are hysterical! You are as thin and fit on video as you are in real-life. Your wonderful warmth really comes through – and I love it! I am not video capable, so I have any easy excuse for my text response…

    I think video is great as a responsorial tool….but I think that if one tried to fit all of the content that they normally blog into a vlog, that it’d have to be scripted, which takes out the fun.

    You are great to watch – rock on!

  2. Johannes Says:

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  3. Liz Says:

    I agree with Meagan–you look thin, which is very hard to do from that angle. Must be that boot camp! BTW: I think video’s cool!

  4. Kel Says:

    side note: this post was purposely titled to be controversial. helps drive traffic. haven’t you heard that sex sells. haha! i think it alarmed someone on twitter who thought i didn’t realize that the title may raise a few eyebrows. love when the peeps got my backside covered. nothing but love…

  5. shane Says:

    hmmm.. Im an over analysis paralysis nut so, I love it and hate it. lazy part of me loves watching you bring your colorful words to life. but writer in me hates losing the shazaam power of the written word, esp. yours. sort of “the book was better than the movie” type thing. keep thinking great video commentaries: that old fart Andy Rooney and Point Counterpoint from old SNL Skit (Jane you ignorant slut). reading those comments just dont cut it compared to seeing them acted out. alt heading: “Popping my Video Cherry.” now that might be better off written than seen.

  6. Frank Chiera Says:

    I’m ready for my close-up! Kel, totally awesome! Love the video blog. Your personality and charisma really shine through…
    Funniest thing is you can totally tell you are italian, we just can’t help but use our hands to express emotion and passion. I am really looking forward to your future posts.

  7. Kel Says:

    shane, i feel the same way. i’m torn between writing and video blogs. hope to continue to do both. you may be on to something with titling the post “popping my video cherry.” that most def would have driven way more traffic!

  8. Kel Says:

    meagan, tell your boss to open her wallet and get you a video cam! i know i can never be scripted. i am a “fly by the seat of your pants” kinda person. it keeps life exciting.

  9. Kel Says:

    thanks liz! what about you? would you use video? if not, why? i’m interested in hearing people’s perspectives.

  10. Kel Says:

    frank, it’s hard to believe someone named “kel kelly” is half italian, but it’s true. i wouldn’t be able to speak if i couldn’t use my hands.

  11. Diane Says:

    Hey Kel — I loved watching you lose your virginity…I however, can only handle losing mine once and that was a long time ago! And I’m not sure losing it again on video would be a very pretty sight :) I do think seesmic is very cool, though, and would definitely encourage others to use it whenever they need a break from the boring old-fashioned way of communicating.

  12. Frank Chiera Says:

    I would love to see you do some videos with a sort of ‘man on the street’ vibe. Think that would be cool.

  13. Kathleen Buckley Says:

    Very entertaining–I haven’t read all of your blogs but I think you’re so much more appealing in “person”. I recently attended a bar camp that very much encouraged use of video for blogging, for communicating with clients…so I’ve been trying. Much easier than writing for me personally.

    We’ve never met in person and still it feels like I know you more than just from your writing.

  14. Kel Says:

    diane, i’m sure everyone would love to see you lose your virginity on video. i laughed when you pimped that others should use it — do as i say, not as i do. seriously though, i’m curious as to why you wouldn’t use video for a post. do tell…

  15. Kel Says:

    frank, that’s a great idea and i’ll credit you when i do my first one!

  16. Kel Says:

    kathleen, i feel the same way about you. it’s the power of web 2.0 — i think it allows people to connect in a way that is impossible in the physical world. video plays a key role in elevating that connection. thanks again for taking the time to comment.

  17. Lisa Phinney Says:

    You had me at virginity! ;) Personally, I love seeing you on film because I adore you & miss you.
    For me, Skype changed my world. To be able to have my kids Skype with my brothers’ kids is awesome. That’s about the extent of my video useage.
    I talk too fast to be able to post a blog on video. You are awesome. I think you have charisma & personality that just jumps off the screen too.

  18. Larry Lawfer Says:

    I imagine you will have lots and lots of traffic with this title. Hope you are ready for the jump in your numbers. I love seesmic, but don’t see it is a marketing tool, more of a communications and art tool. Not unlike Skype as was mentioned earlier in this string.

    I do love video and its ability to show authenticity which is not really possible in the written word in the same way. There are issues of delivery, cost and time with video. The good news is that using these Web 2.0 tools saves you money in the long run, increases reach, allows frequency. What is wrong with that.

    Kel, get that computer up to your eye level and you will be your beautiful self. Rather than looking down at us as you are in this edition. You go girl!

  19. Kel Says:

    lisa, you always make me smile. i love skype too! it’s interesting to think about how skype is viewed as less threatening by many people. i think it is the 1:1 nature of it. it’s a great way for the masses to take a baby step into video. who knows where they will go form there!

  20. Kel Says:

    larry, i think you just called me ugly. ha! it is interesting because i am not looking for perfection in the video. i think part of the appeal — at least for me — is that it is raw and not perfect…something i pride myself on!

  21. Karen Says:

    Kel, first impression was that I was psyched to see a video. I like this medium to enhance written communication. Your writing is good and it pops–please don’t stop this! You have that edgy quality I love so much. Adding video every now and then changes things up and keeps it fresh. A picture is worth a thousand words, yes?

    I’ve used video in a few of my blog posts and the stats are good on these posts. It drives additional traffic, so for SEO purposes it’s a great tool. But unlike you, I don’t appear in my videos, I just play camerawoman. Unless I’m going to turn into an Elite Cyclist, which at my age, isn’t going to happen for me. Sigh. A girl can dream.

    Thanks for putting yourself out there!

  22. karen Says:

    congrats! {seesmic_video:{“url_thumbnail”:{“value”:””}”title”:{“value”:”congrats! ”}”videoUri”:{“value”:”″}}}

  23. Kel Says:

    karen, thanks for the comment. i will never stop writing! i love it too much. my thought is to pull video in every once in awhile. it’s a great option for a quick response to breaking news or something of that nature. on a side note — you need to turn the camera on you! take a walk on the wild side sista’!

  24. Tara Says:

    I am probably one of your biggest fans (truly) when it comes to public speaking and now with video it will only enhance your ability to connect with your audience. It is such a gift and I am looking forward to being entertained by you and educated all at once!! I have to agree I love your writing style and I could chew on just one of your sentences over and over like a favorite piece of gum! So well crafted and fine tuned. Looking forward to your posts in the future. On a better hair day I just might send you a video response in the future.

  25. Maria Skiffington Says:

    Hi Kel, coming in way late here. I think you’re great on video and in text. I think your idea to use video where it’s most appropriate is wise. I’d definitely do both if I were you. The only thing I’d change is the window in the background. Light behind you will silhouette your image and cause glare.

  26. Kel Says:

    maria, thanks for the comment. was hoping the light would give a halo effect. not so much, huh? haha!

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