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Twitter Power

April 26, 2008 5:59 AM

I can’t think of a simpler yet more powerful Web 2.0 application than Twitter. Twitter is a micro-blogging tool where users answer the question: “What are you doing?” Answers cannot be more than 140 characters long. Twitter is used for staying connected with friends. You can track friends’ as-they-happen updates via the web or you can receive mobile updates via text messages. Why would anyone want to do this you ask? I think you can’t fully understand it until you try it. And like most things Web 2.0, it is absolutely addicting. There is something intoxicating about staying connected with people in your world through one line updates. It’s like the perfect buzz. But what I love most about Twitter is the power it wields. CNN ran a story yesterday about the student who secured the help he needed to free himself from an Egyptian jail by Twittering the word ”arrested” from his cell phone as he was being driven to the police station. Twitter was developed by a handful of people in San Francisco’s South Park neighborhood yet managed to save the life of a college student a half a world away. And like most fun and innovative Web 2.0 apps, Twitter is free. Web 2.0…you gotta love it.      


What are you doing?  

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3 Comments on “Twitter Power”

  1. Larry Lawfer Says:

    Exactly Kel, not only does twitter enable the world to listen, as they did in the student in Egypt situation, it also allows you to trust your tweet buddies to provide you up to date pertinent information on topics you just didn’t have time to research. I love the fact that the people I follow provide me a wealth of information about their specific interests and provide me microblog updates and tiny url links to the content. How sweet is that?

  2. Kel Says:

    larry, that is a as s-w-e-e-t as it gets!

  3. Kel Kelly Blog - Twitter’s Digital Thought Bubble Says:

    [...] wrote a post not too long ago about Twitter Power. Twitter is a micro-blogging tool where the original premise was to have users answer the [...]

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